Tower Tag

Age Restriction: +7

  • Bh1

  • Shooter

Play Type: Single Player|Multi Player

Comfort Level: Amber

The Next Generation of Laser Tag

Tower Tag is our signature game of virtual reality laser tag where up to 8 players can play together across 2 teams. Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement that provides a very dynamic gaming experience. Suit up!
If you want to play against AI (Artificial Intelligence) robots then we can offer that too. Add them to your team or play co-op with your friends against them. We can set their experience level.
You are issued with a single multi purpose gun, which can also heal your team mates and provides the means to traverse the huge levels. You can also wear a haptic vest enabling you to feel the hits.

Tower Tag has 3 Game Modes you can choose from:

The original mode for Tower Tag. A team scores by eliminating the other teams players. When hit, a player is placed out of the arena until a team scores.
The same as Elimination, but players are not taken out when hit, and spawn at base almost immediately.
To win you still need points. The only way to win a point is to occupy a special tower in the other teams area.

Tower Tag is an amazing shooting game that is very easy to learn, but can accomodate intricate strategy elements to make it one of the most challenging and fun games in virtual reality.

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